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 That is our goal!
Remember if you got something by paying for it, it will always taste less sweet if your colleague gets it at a discount.
Ours is a group of people and we talk/dream about the next best credit card to hold. Each of us holds more than 7 credit cards and we would love to share our excitement of cards with you.

The idea for this blog came from the need of the missing “Savings Calculator”. I think most of us use excel to quickly calculate the savings but wouldn’t you say this is more convenient.

We would love to hear from you. All comments are encouraging for us to continue with this blog.
Do ask for a review for a particular credit card. There is a good chance someone among us does hold this card and will give you a heads up.

DO POINT OUT any errors or mistakes we might have made. As we are no Cardexpert, but our CardGyan does rise with your perception! Lets update our Cardinfo together and not be as childish as calling it Creditcardz!

Your posts and contributions are welcome to be featured here.
You can send in your reviews to along with your personal referral code which will be included in the post.
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