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Adani TFS Mumbai Lounge Review

Updated: May 15, 2022

Adani TFS Lounge at Mumbai Domestic Airport Terminal is the biggest lounge I have ever been to.

It is posh, clean and quite suiting the financial capital of our country.

Many lounges nowadays are accepting people beyond their capacities making them uncomfortable to be in. I don’t think such a scenario would occur here. It is just huge, the high ceilings help too.

As expected, it has a huge assortment of food and beverages.

It has sitting directly facing the airplanes giving an impressive vantage point. That too with a charging port.

It accepts almost all cards, even debits cards for complimentary access.

The charges for the Complimentary Access is as follows:

  • Visa cards Rs.2

  • Mastercard charges Rs 25

The paid entry (for the non cardgyanis!) is Rs 1500 which gives you 3 hours of sitting and buffet.

It has a bar which is not included in the complimentary package. One pint of beer 330ml costs Rs 1060. Quite expensive, shouldn’t it have duty free rates!

It has a separate cordoned off area for business class as well as a paid SPA service. IDFC Wealth card should allow complimentary access? Any users pls confirm.


We did have a good time there and you would too.

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