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Ahmedabad Domestic Airport Lounge Review

Ahmedabad Airport has made consistent improvements in its décor, layout, and overall appeal over the years, transforming into a more welcoming airport. Its Lounge was a dicey option earlier with it being closed for some time and is now under new management. It’s called “The Lounge” (previously was “Plaza Premium Lounge”) operated by “Lite Bite Travel Foods”. Although the Lounge is relatively small, it has a pleasant ambiance.


The Lounge is located on the 1st floor of Terminal 1, closest t

o gate #3, beside the food court's KFC restaurant.

Which Cards are accepted at Ahmedabad Domestic Airport Lounge ?

The lounges do not keep a proper list of the cards which are accepted for complimentary Lounge Access. This is because the list is dynamic and they would rather just swipe and check.

However, the lounge concierge there was helpful and she dictated from memory the list of cards which are accepted. The list of cards she gave was indeed large and kudos to her memory.

The list below is not exhaustive.

I have cancelled out (colored in red) notable cards which do not provide access here.

· HDFC: Infinia, All Diners cards, Regalia, Regalia First, Millennia, Corporate Visa, Rupay Platinum Debit, Tata Neo Infinity

· ICICI: Coral, Sapphiro, Rubyx, MMT Signature, Emerald

· SBI: Debit Platinum Visa, Debit Platinum Rupay, Prime, Elite, Visa Signature

· IDFC First: Visa Signature, Visa Infinite

· Kotak: Visa Signature

· Standard Chartered: Visa Infinite, Visa Signature

· Au Bank: Zenith, Vetta

· Axis: Magnus, Flipkart, Ace, Airtel, Delight, Burgundy, Corporate Visa, Select, Priority, Prestige, Signature, Infinite, Wealth Signature, Affluent Signature, Signature Premier, LIC Signature, SpiceJet Voyage Black, Samsung Infinite, Miles & More World, Miles & More World Select, Vistara Signature, Vistara Infinite, Reserve, My Zone, Pride Signature, Advantage, My wings, SpiceJet Voyage, Samsung Signature, Privilege, Vistara Platinum, Rewards

· RBL: Bajaj Finserve

· Hettich

· Dream Folks

· Priority Pass

· LoungeKey

Best way to check if your card gives you access is to check the lounge access list here. You can easily select the different cards and see the list of cities it provides complimentary lounge access.

  • You can also get access by paying Rs 1400 + taxes = INR 1,652 per person.

Paid or complimentary, both will get you 3 hours of sitting inside the lounge as well as food and beverages.

In case your layover is longer, you may swipe your card again for another 3 hour stay.

Ambience & Sitting

The primary objective of lounges is to offer comfortable, clean, and uncrowded seating. The Lounge in Ahmedabad is relatively clean and spacious, with a large single room that overlooks the planes.

During our visit in the late evening, it was not crowded. The seats are comfortable, but

unfortunately, they lack power points for laptops and mobile devices.

Instead, there is a mobile charging station, which may not be the most convenient option for users who prefer to have their devices within reach. Interestingly, the airport itself provides several sleeper seats outside the lounge, which I found to be a more comfortable alternative.


The Lounge offers a good variety of food options. They even include local delicacies such as Dhokla (not outstanding) and Dal Vada (which were excellent!), which are popular street food items in Gujarat.

Jain Food is available.

However, please note that alcohol is not served in the lounge due to Gujarat being a dry state.




The Lounge at Ahmedabad Airport is a quaint space with good food. It is worth noting that access to this lounge is primarily limited to premium credit cards, as many popular cards do not provide access here.

Earlier when I did not have access to this, I used to go “Subway” which is just outside the lounge entrance. If your card does not work, it is a filling and semi healthy option.

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