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All Good things come to an end!

IDFC First credit cards were quite generous with their terms when it came to “Rent” payments. However, they are becoming more mainstream.

The terms till 17th April, 2022

  • You would get 6X points for rent payments which is 1.5%. A handsome savings.

  • Once, you breach the Rs 20000 monthly spends, you would get 10X or 2.5%. This was an astounding number.

Revised terms post 17th April, 2022

  • You will get 3X points or 0.75 savings which is just “meh”.

  • The Rent payments won’t count for the Rs 20K threshold too.


This was an expected revision from quite some time. Nothing generous from credit card companies lasts too long. So better get on the band wagon as soon as it starts as.

The source

IDFC has sent an email well ahead of the revision date to all card holders.

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