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American Express Credit Card Referral Bonus has Started Again

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Amex cards had been banned by RBI from issuing new cards for almost two years. Amex thereafter complied with RBI norms and could issue new cards again from August, 2022.

That meant the pent up demand for Amex cards would be there. And certainly those with CardGyan would have advised others to take Membership Rewards Credit Card while also providing their referrals. Last October which was roughly 1 month after the ban was lifted, I had tried searching for a referral to give to my friend. But couldn't find it. So I messaged on Amex chat. See chat below. Turns out the referral program was paused by Amex.

It seems a bit unfair that they had paused the referral program but still kudos to the Amex chat customer service for a prompt answer. They did ask for the friend’s contact while not providing the referral benefit. While I do love Amex's customer care, but it does have its limits.

Luckily, my friend was in no hurry and waited. We checked again and it is active again live from at least 24th Nov, 2022.


Bonus to one Referring

Bonus to the one Referred

Referral Link

8000 MR worth ₹3000

2000 MR worth ₹750

5000 MR worth ₹1875

2000 MR worth ₹750

*I am hoping other Cardgyanis will help append this link and their Referral Links will also be added to the table. Let me know the bonuses applicable too via comments or mail.

The bonus for the MRCC is 8000 MR which is worth ₹3000. In terms of amazon vouchers from 24K Gold Collection 1MR = ₹0.375. That is a handsome bonus. But do note the one refferred needs to spend Rs 5000 to get the bonus of 2000 MR which is worth Rs 750. Also the Smart Earn credit card as a stand alone does not get access to the 24K Gold Collection.

How to refer?

You can login to the Amex online account and refer from there.

Earlier, the Amex app had the option to refer from the “Account” section, however it is still missing. Or you can directly ask the Amex customer care via the App’s messaging service for providing you the link. That is how I found out the referral bonus has become active.

Note: The Bonus given both the referred as well as the one who refers depends on which version of the card the referree has as well as on the card version chosen by the one referred. See the table below.

Amex companion credit cards

If you take an Amex credit card (Primary), the next lower variant is generally given away free as long as you hold the Primary credit card. That is if you take the MRCC, the Smart Earn Credit Card is given free.

Is it the best time to refer? These are the two better referral benefits given by Amex in the past.

· 50% additional MR that is 12000 MR.

· An additional amazon voucher worth Rs 4000 was given along with the regular 8000MR.

But you can never be sure when and if these offers will be repeated.

Conclusion The conclusion may be summed in two lines.

· Love within limits or be prepared miss the referral bonuses.

· Good things come to those who wait along with their friends.

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