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American Express Offer Galore December

The offers from Amex had dried up at the start of the year. Since they have started issuing new credit cards, they have reverted back to their original self. American Express has come up with many promotional offers this December. You may get the chance to double, triple, quadruple, pentaple dip into the plethora of offers.

1) December targeted offer

The Offer

  • Spend ₹25000 to get a voucher worth ₹1250.

  • I believe this will have different tiers for different people

  • Amazon/Flipkart Vouchers are available

  • Offer Fulfilment by 10 May2023

Valid for

  • Targeted individuals who have received the mail.

  • They have “enrolled in”.


  • Enrolment date to till 10th Jan, 2023

Link to the T&C.

2) Reward multiplier Offer

The Offer

  • Get additional vouchers on spends via Amex Reward Multiplier Portal.

Spend Threshold



Spends >₹ 75,000



Spends >₹ 50,000



Spends >₹ 20,000



  • This is not a targeted offer but open for all.

The Terms and Conditions

  • The T&C are as per Reward multiplier portal. Normal exclusion apply.

  • Voucher options are many including Flipkart. Surprisingly, Amazon is not allowed.

  • Additional Voucher will be emailed by 31 May 2023.

1) Insurance offer

  • Amex does not give points for insurance payments.

  • But frequently gives out such offers wherein you are eligible for MR points for insurance payments.

  • 5 MR / ₹ 100 translates to ~2% in savings (in terms of Amazon voucher from the 24K Gold collection).

  • Duration: After enrolment upto 31st March, 2023

  • The Points Limit of 10,000 MR translated to insurance payments of upto ₹2 Lacs.

  • If you have really large insurance payments, this is a decent offer.

2) MRCC Monthly Offer

The most talked about card of Amex in India is undoubtedly the MRCC.

  • You get bonus 1000 MR on doing 4 X transaction of at least ₹1500

  • You get bonus 1000 MR on spending more than ₹20,000 in a calendar month.

This offer will easily couple with the above offers.

3) Reward multiplier

Reward Multiplier comes with its own perks of 2X MR as well 1% discount on Amazon Shopping Voucher (not the Amazon Gift card).

Caution: Amazon Shopping Voucher is an inferior version of the well-known Amazon Gift Card as it cannot be used in “Amazon Pay” categories. This means all the Bill Pay options are not applicable for payments via Amazon Shopping Voucher.

Calculations for the Multi Dip in the plethora of December offers

You just need to spend ₹25000 via Reward Multiplier Portal (I will calculate considering the Amazon Shopping Voucher). Mind you that you should do that in 4 separate transactions (eg ₹5000, ₹5000,₹5000, ₹10,000)

You will get for that

  • 1000MR bonus of MRCC for 4 transactions (worth ₹375)

  • 1000MR bonus on reaching 20K spends (worth ₹375)

  • Amazon voucher at 1% instant discount + 2X RP = ₹250+ ₹375 = ₹625

  • Reward Multiplier Offer threshold of ₹20k spends met gives a voucher worth ₹1000

  • December Targeted Offer threshold of ₹25k spends met gives a voucher worth ₹1250

Total Savings: ₹3625 on a total spends of ₹25,000

That is 14.5% in savings.

This could work out as well or even better with other Reward Multiplier spends. If you are able to spend without the Reward Multiplier portal, you will still easily triple dip. Only you will be missing out on the ₹1000 Voucher.


Amex has ended this year with a bang.

It is really fun to use as well as to write about such offers.

Some of these offers are user specific. But there are just too many offers around this December.

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