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Amex Utilities cash back offer

American Express is the only card which is never out of offers. It just keeps on giving.

This offer was emailed to me as well as my colleague, we both hold the MRCC. This offer is for only those who have received the email communication.

Offer 1

  • 5*% cashback for utility bills such as gas, water, electricity.

*5% cashback cap is Rs 500. That means you can spend upto Rs 10000

Offer 2

  • Offer valid from 15 January 2022 until 31 March 2022.

  • If you spend on utilities in each of the 3 months (Jan,Feb,March) you get a Rs 500 Flipkart voucher too. This is in addition to the cashback


I will be paying my electricity bill (official website) for Rs 3400 for each of the 3 months which is in total Rs 10200. This offer will indirectly be helping me reach the Rs 20000 monthly limit on my MRCC too. I will gain the following

1) Rs 500 Cash Back

2) Rs 500 Flipkart voucher

3) 0 MR. Amex does not give points on utilities spends.

Total savings = Rs 1000

Or 10% making this offer unmissable for me.

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