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Amex where are my points?

Amex MR points have always come like clockwork. But this is the first time they have missed a few.

Amex Smart Earn is a great credit card to hold especially because of the 10x and 5x reward point multipliers for select merchants. I love a few merchants among them namely Amazon, uber and Paytm and mostly max out their monthly limits of Rs 2500.

Last month the bonus points were credited for all merchants except Paytm (‘. .’)

Whats more is I had contacted the customer care regarding the same via their app messaging service. They assured me that the points would credit by the end of the month and the same issue is faced by multiple users.

The best part of holding an American Express credit card is its reliable customer service aaand it has been more than a week since their end date. The MR are still not credited.


I am pretty sure, I’ll get the bonus points but I did not expect this from American Express.

The conclusion is simple, Amex HDFC or RBL, don’t just assume, check!

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