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AU Bank Vetta Credit Card Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Anytime there is a new entry in the credit card market, our eyes light up. At least, till we have gone through their features and sufficiently judged the card.

However, by just reading the features and various bonuses of AU Bank Vetta credit card it is very difficult to know if this card actually gives you value back.

Use the “Savings Calculator” for AU bank Vetta credit card to find out as per your own spends.


This card is being provided life time free for all Government employees as well as many well known companies. You can apply online as well as visit a bank near you.

  • when filling the form online, for govt employees the drop down option comes as "Employee of Central/State Govt".

  • Only your PAN card is required as proof for the application process.

  • They pull your CIBIL and get the details from there.

  • The credit limit given to me was the maximum of the present cards.

Fees and Welcome Offer

  • Fees: 2999+ taxes = ₹3560

  • Spends Condition for Fee Waiver:

o 1st year – ₹40,000 in 90 days of card set up

o 2nd year onwards – ₹1,50,000 in prev. year

  • Moreover you get ₹2000 welcome vouchers on spending ₹30,000 within 60 days of card setup.

AU bank has good welcome offers for all their cards as well as simple criterion for first year fee reversal.

All in all your first year is free (on spending ₹40k) as well as you get a ₹2000 voucher. That is a cool deal.

Lounge Access

  • 1 complimentary Domestic & International Lounge access per calendar quarter

  • 2 complimentary Railway Lounge access per calendar quarter.

Accelerated Rewards Program

Spend Category




Utility Bills

10 RP/ Rs 100



Grocery, Departmental

4 RP/ Rs 100



Other except fuel

2 RP/ Rs 100


Face Palm

  • The rewards in general are quite poor.

  • 1RP = ₹0.25

  • Reward Point redemption is free. Amazon and Flipkart vouchers are available. Hopefully, this continues for long.

Milestone Benefits


Spends Threshold

Bonus Points/ Value

Saving (%)



500RP/ ₹125



>₹1 lac

1000RP/ ₹250


Quarterly Cumulative

1500RP/ ₹375



>₹2.5 lac

Rs 1000 voucher


Birthday Benefit

  • Earn 1,000 Bonus Reward Points on completing one retail transaction on your birthday. That is a direct ₹250 birthday gift for you 😊.

Daily Offers

This is not advertised enough, but you get daily offers via

  • Open the AU 101 mobile application to see an offer which change daily

  • You also get attractive offers via Watsapp message

The most recent offers for me are

  1. 5% cash back for utility payments via cred.

  2. Rs 25 discount on mobile recharge.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver for fuel transactions done between ₹400-5,000. Maximum Rs.250 per statement cycle.

Savings Calculator

  • Considering that all spend threshold criterions will be met, you need to spend yearly ₹4 Lacs. The Savings are a measly 1.6%.

  • This is too low a number when you know that Axis Ace gives 2% without any special bonuses.

Similar or Better Cards

HDFC Regalia, Axis Ace, Axis Flipkart or even SBI Prime are in the same tier and give better rewards.



Its not a bad card, just that there are better options out there.


The rewards need to be improved a bit more to meet the competition. However, its welcome offers are quite good and the card may be taken for the 1st year to check it out.

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