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Axis My Zone credit card Life Time Free Offer

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Axis My Zone Credit card is being Offered Life time free for all applicants upto 30th September. Axis Bank has these windows in which it offers its card LTF. After the window is over, it will again be issued as paid version and charged (₹ 592) annually.

Axis My Zone credit card is by all judgement parameters a rather miss-able credit card.

Application Process

Use the below link

After filling up your details, the below menu to choose your card is shown.

For Axis Bank My Zone Credit card, Joining and Annual Fees is shown as 0.

You only require your physical PAN card and eAadhaar card. No income documents are required. They pull your CIBIL report. The approval is via quick VKYC. They however, do a physical verification which just requires you biometric aka finger print.

There is a bug in their system that you will continue to receive an SMS requesting for getting the VKYC done even though you have already done it!

Is the card worth taking?

My motto in life: Take any credit card meeting the following criterions

1. It is Issued as LTF

2. It offers Airport Lounge access.

History tells me, the second point is optional.

The only drawback of taking entry level “Free” credit cards, is that you may become ineligible to apply for their better cards in the future. They expect you to upgrade to it, and voila! you are told that the you don’t meet their undisclosed internal criterion for the upgrade.

However, this is not the case for Axis Bank credit cards.

Did you know Axis Bank allows you to hold upto 3 Axis credit cards simultaneously?

I hold: Axis Flipkart, Axis Neo and pretty soon Axis My Zone credit card.

Yes, there is no Magnus in the list. But I will brag my list on the internet regardless!

Seriously again, Is the card worth taking?

The Pros

· One Complimentary Airport Lounge Access per quarter. It consists of Metro Cities only.

· SonyLiv Premium subscription on your first spend within 30 days with this card.

· BOGO upto ₹200 via Paytm Movies by using coupon code AXIS200

· 40% off on Swiggy upto ₹120. Can be used 4 times a month.

The Cons

· Poor reward rate: 0.4% savings

· The Pros written above.




For most users, this is an offer that can be comfortably missed. Axis Flipkart credit card or Axis Ace credit card are much better options to consider.

However, it is still a good way to access Axis Grab Deals for its 5% cash back offers.

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