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Axis Neo Credit Card Review

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Axis Neo credit card is an entry level card and often given lifetime free. I have been holding mine for more than a year. As someone who often gives in to my hunger cravings, Axis Neo is a card I frequently use for their Zomato Offer

Axis Neo gives you access to Axis Grab Deals as well as a number of card specific offers.


Proof of income required can be one of payslip /Form 16 /IT return copy.

  • Joining/ Annual Fees: Rs 250 + 46 = Rs 296

Often, this card is given away as Life Time Free.

Welcome/ Activation Benefit

Activation Benefit is conditional on 1st spend done within 30 days of card issuance.

Amazon Voucher

Rs 250

Zomato Voucher

Rs 200

Blinkit Voucher

Rs 250


6 months subscription

Amazon voucher alone gives you almost all the fees back.

Card Benefits

The Zomato and Amazon Utility Bill Payment offers are notable and I use them frequently.

The full T&C is here.


· Earn 1 Point on every Rs. 200 spent.

· 1 EDGE Reward Point = Rs 0.2

· The total saving from the points is just 0.1%. This Breaks all the Records! I dare you to find a card with an even poorer Reward Rate. You will need to spend Rs 10 Lacs to save Reward points worth Rs 1000.

Axis Grab Deals

Axis Grab Deals is a redirecting portal by Axis Bank. You can spend on multiple merchants listed on their websites including Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Book flights & Hotels, buy instant voucher, etc.

You generally get 5% cashback (Maximum cashback per month is Rs 1000) on the transaction amount. The Cash Back is given 90-120 days after the transaction date.

Many times there are discounts which allow you to double dip too.

The link to Axis Grab Deals is here.

Savings Calculator for Axis Neo Credit Card

For the savings calculator, the reward points will not be considered. You will never be able to collect enough of them to redeem something.

The Savings Calculator is made considering the multiple offers associated with this card. The minimum order value as well as the maximum discounts for the individual offers have been considered while making the calculator.

Considering Normal spends of Rs 7000 per month as well as using most of the card offers you save about 4% on your total spends in a year. This number depends highly on your spending pattern. So fill in your expected spends to see what you will save with this card.

Similar or Better Credit cards

India’s market is flooded with Entry Level credit cards. Their common traits are

· They are mostly given as Lifetime free.

· They are called Visa “Platinum” frequently.

· They have a Poor Reward Rate.

· These are the easiest of cards to get approved.

Since, these cards are easily approved, you could take them all. However, most banks will shy away from giving you one of their better cards if you are already holding one card. My experience has been that rather than take an entry level card, you better wait. There are offers when paid card are given LTF, or good card may be given on corporate occasions/locations.

However, Axis Bank allows one person to hold upto three Axis credit card. So holding this will not affect your chances of getting a better Axis credit card in the future.

Other Options for Entry Level card are given below.

· Kotak 811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card (yes that is the name)

· Indusind Platinum credit card

· HSBC Visa Platinum credit card

Of the above list, the best card is undoubtedly ICICI Amazon Pay credit card. If that is not approved you may try Axis Neo or HDFC Money Back Credit card next. These card give access to Axis Grab Deals and HDFC Smartbuy respectively. These portals give very high savings irrespective of the card being Entry-Level.

Axis My Zone Credit Card

Axis My Zone Credit card is a superior credit card compared to Axis Neo.

  • 40% off on Swiggy instead of Zomato

  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • Better reward rate 0.2%

Also it is being given as Life Time Free. See the link.

If you are eligible for Axis My Zone, you should choose it before Axis Neo credit card.




Axis Neo credit card has a poor reward programme (worst that I know of). However, it more than makes up for it by additional card specific offers.

You may take the card if

  • You use Zomato.

  • 5% off on utility bills is attractive to you.

  • You need access to Axis Grab Deals.

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