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Bank of Baroda Eterna Credit Card Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Bank of Baroda Eterna Credit Card is most sensational card of 2021. The USP of this card is it gives 15 reward points per Rs 100 on most online spends which is an astounding 3.75%.

It also gives unlimited Domestic airport lounge access. These features seem too good to be true. I suggest you get on the bandwagon, before they tone down these benefits.


Salaried/Self-Employed with an income of ₹ 12 Lakhs per annum or more.

However, I know of a friend who’s application got rejected even though his annual income met the required criterion. He later applied offline via an agent and he now holds the card proudly.


The joining/annual fees are Rs 2500+ taxes which is about Rs 2960.

Spend ₹ 2.5 Lakhs or more in a year for annual fee waiver in subsequent year.

Welcome offer

  • Get joining fee waiver on spending ₹ 25,000 in first 60 days.

Fee reversal will reflect in the 4th bill statement from the card issuance month.

Note the taxes part will not be reversed.

Airport Lounge Access

Domestic: complimentary unlimited lounge access for yourself as well as all add-on cards

International: no complimentary lounge access.

Reward Program

  • Earn 15 Reward Points on every Rs 100 spent on travel, International, dining and online shopping.

This translates to 3.75% savings which is the USP of this card.

5X Rewards are capped at 5,000 Reward Points which is reached when you spend Rs 41700 each month. This is a grand limit.

  • 3 reward points for every ₹ 100 spent on any other category.

This is 0.75% savings which is a bit on the lower side but considering most of your spends will be in the accelerated category, its ok.

  • E-Wallet loading transactions are not considered in the 5X category but given the base reward points.

Milestone Rewards

  • Earn 10,000 bonus reward points on spending ₹ 50,000 within 60 days.

Which translates to Rs 2500 or 0.5% additional savings.

  • Earn 20,000 bonus reward points on spending ₹ 5,00,000 in a year.

This translates to Rs 5000 or 1% additional savings.

Movie benefits

Buy one get one (BOGO) on movie ticket on Paytm Movies; up to Rs 250 per month.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs.400 and Rs.5,000 (Max. Rs. 250 per statement cycle).

Redeem reward points for cashback

All your accumulated reward points can be redeemed for cashback @ 1 reward point = ₹ 0.25.

Nothing beats cash; vouchers or flight tickets are always troublesome to use!

Savings Calculator

I have considered that you are spending Rs 40000 in the online category and Rs 5000 in the regular spends category. The Savings are 5.33%. This seems an almost unreal number.

I may have considered the best case scenario and painted a too rosy picture. So why not go ahead and input your own spends to check your own savings with the SAVINGS CALCULATOR yourself. Just add in your expenses and check out your savings with this card. What better way to see if this card is for you.

Conclusion and Rating

The savings calculator results speaks for itself. Bank of Baroda offers have also increased lately. The only con is that Bank of Baroda does not have any portal like HDFC’s smartbuy or SBI’s Yono. I hope they fix this soon.

This card’s rating is 4.2/5

Similar or Better cards

HDFC Regalia credit card can be considered as it gives you access to Smartbuy while also providing International Airport Lounge Access. But Regalia is too complicated to use. Eterna is a much simpler and straight forward card. I would choose Eterna anyday except the day I want to buy smartbuy vouchers!

Axis Ace is also in competition to Eterna, but Eterna does beat Ace again in the Savings Calculator by a good margin.

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