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Best Credit Cards in India

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Find out the best credit cards being offered in India. This list compiles all the notable Indian credit cards and their benefits. You can navigate to the individual review article and use the “Savings Calculator” to estimate your savings.

The cards have been into categories of spends so that you can select the card for your needs faster.


This is the category which considers spends across all categories. You should not complicate your life where it does not matter. Holding multiple cards from this list is the option cardgyanis choose. So what are you.

1) Bank Of Baroda Eterna

A card which gives 3.75% savings for online spends upto Rs 41700 each month. Online spends is a broad category and even includes “rent” payments too. All these savings can be redeemed for statement credit. You get unlimited domestic lounge access for yourself as well as all add-on card holders.

2) HDFC Regalia

HDFC’s smart buy portal gives you savings on most of your expenses ranging from ecommerce, travel, vouchers etc. It gives you domestic as well as international airport lounge access.

3) Axis Ace

This card gives cash back of 2% on all of your spends. You can pay your bills via google pay for 5% cashback.

4) Amex MRCC

You get to experience the excellent American Express customer service. But as Indians we need to ask, “Kitna bachaega yeh?”

Spend Rs 2.4 lacs per annum and get save Rs 10,800 or 4.5% savings. Mind you, it has acceptability issues. But then you remember, how lucrative Amex offers are.

Ecommerce spends

This is the category to which most of our spends are slowly gravitating towards. Flipkart and Amazon are the big giants, and they have co-branded cards.

1) Axis Flipkart

You get unlimited 5% cashback on Flipkart and Myntra purchases. It gives you complimentary airport lounge access too.

2) Amazonpay ICICI

You get 5% cashback on Amazon purchases, if you have Amazon Prime, else it is 3%. The power of this card is unlocked with the exhaustive list of merchants which accept Amazonpay wherein you get 2% cash back.


These are best cards to get your hands on which give the maximum benefits. They require high annual income (>Rs 25 lacs per annum) and have high joining fees. But in most cases you will save a lot when you spend with these cards.

1) HDFC Infinia

This is an invite only credit card. If you have any HDFC credit card with a limit > Rs 8 lacs, you may get an invite for the same. It has a high reward rate on normal expenses which saves you 3.3%. With HDFC smartbuy, you can get upto 10X points (33.3% savings) making this the most superior card offered by HDFC.

2) HDFC Diners Club Black

You become eligible to upgrade your present HDFC credit card, once your credit limit crosses Rs 5 lacs. This card also has the default reward rate of 3.3%, the same as HDFC Infinia. However, Diners club has acceptability issues in most local shops. However, this card makes up by having additional Diner’s brand partner merchants which give 33.3% savings.

3) IDFC First Wealth

This card gives you 2.5% savings on all your monthly spends above Rs 20000. You get complimentary access to domestic, international lounges as well as Spas at the airports. All this while being a life time free credit card. The interest rate charged on the credit card is variable per card account and can be as low as 9%.

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