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BOB Eterna Credit card after Devaluation Vs SBI Cash Back Credit card

Bank of Baroda Eterna was a Simple credit card to use. That is no longer true. The recent devaluation is effective from 15th Nov, 2022. Link

The new exclusion are based on difficult to know MCC codes (in the link).

This articles lets you know how it works (post devaluation) as well as compares the BOB Eterna with SBI Cash Back credit card.

If you are a holder of BOB Eterna this article will help you understand if you should switch to SBI Cash Back credit card.

The Devaluation

Post the devaluation, the Special MCC category is not eligible for 5X points and its base points too have been halved.


Rewards and Savings


Special MCC

1.5 RP per Rs 100

Savings of 0.375%

Fast Food Restaurants, Rent, Utility, Supermarket, Convenience Store, Government, Education, Charity, Transportation, Agriculture

Other MCC & Offline

3 RP per Rs 100

Savings of 0.75%

Medical stores, Movie Theatres, Flights, etc.

Other MCC & Online

15 RP per Rs 100

Savings of 3.75%

Ecommerce, Movies, Flights etc.

The categories are quite complicated like Yes credit cards. While having many more exclusions compared to SBI Cash Back credit card.

Surprisingly even basic categories like Fast Food, Super Markets as well as Convenience Stores are added to it.

BOB Eterna Vs SBI Cash Back Credit Card

Bank of Baroda Eterna and SBI Cash Back credit cards are similar offerings from Reputed Public sector banks. Both are having accelerated cashback on online spends. Both of these cards have multiple exclusions as well as limits on the accelerated categories. They are summarized in the below table.

Savings Calculator

You can add your spends to check out which credit card gives you more savings. You can edit in the white region and the effective savings for both the credit cards are shown at the bottom of the excel sheet.

Why to choose SBI Cash Back Credit card?

· Gives higher cash Back 5% as well as has a higher max cap on the accelerated categories.

· Has lower fees as well as a lower fee waiver criterion.

· SBI also has more frequent offers than Bank of Baroda which will allow you to double dip more frequently.

Why to choose BOB Eterna Credit card?

· You get Unlimited Lounge Access at domestic Airports.


Before the devaluation a major difference between these two credit cards was to option to get accelerated cash back on insurance payments on BOB Eterna.

Now SBI Cash Back is the better card.

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