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Complete Guide to Airport Lounge Benefit on Credit Cards

Credit Card Airport Lounge Access City-wise List Finder

How many times have you been at an airport and wondered if you have complimentary Lounge Access? This is especially true as many credit card issuers have decreased the number of cities where they provide complimentary Lounge Access.

You can either

1. Go to the lounge counter and request the concierge to check

2. Go online and check yourself

If you have many credit cards like us, you can use the above GUI to save time. You just need to select the card Issuer Bank, Card Version and the all details relating to complimentary Domestic Airport Lounge especially the "List of Cities pdf " will be available to you.

We hope you are able to use this and save time when you are at the Airport.

Airport Lounges are a good place to rest and has great food too. To see what facilities are provided at a lounge kindly follow the Link to the Mumbai Airport Lounge review (really pretty with a large buffet).

I remember paying Rs 250 for a dip chai when I did not have a credit card. It was bad chai. In airport lounges you have many beverage options but the Tea is still dip wala and as bad, however its free. :)

Lounge Access City List should not be ignored.

Mostly, we just look at the number of complimentary Lounge Accesses provided while comparing credit cards.

If you live in a non-metro city, higher priority should be given to having your nearest city’s airport lounge listed for complimentary access. What is the point of several complimentary lounge accesses but being able to use none!

Most HDFC, Axis Bank credit cards gives access to a limited list of Airport lounges consisting of just metro cities. SBI is rather generous in their Lounge list covering numerous tier two cities.

Importance of Payment Gateway

The list of cities available also depend on the payment gateway of the card: Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, Amex or Diner Club.

This difference is starkly evident when you look at the list of lounges for the HDFC Millennia credit card which comes in three versions: Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club.

Its Diners Club variant has more than double the cities listed as compared to the Visa or Mastercard variants.

Do compare the lists of cities for lounge access before you choose your next card.

The number of complimentary Lounge Accesses provided may also vary as per the Payment Gateway chosen. For example: the Citi Premiermiles credit card on Visa gives you 8 complimentary accesses per quarter, whereas in the Mastercard Variant you get just 6 accesses.

This links to an article dedicated to a Review of the different Payment Gateways. It will tell you the advantages of each and how they compare against each other.

Add On Card Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Sharing Lounge Access with family members brings a joy like no other. It really makes life fulfilling as a Card Gyani. It becomes one of those instances, when your family appreciates your child-like hobby of collecting credit cards.

You may have multiple credit cards with you and you can do multiple swipes at the airport to get your family along with you into the lounge. I once got myself+3 into a lounge.

The next logical step is to share Add on credit cards with Airport lounge Access when you are not present. However, most credit cards don't allow Add-on credit cards to use the complimentary Lounge Access.

Add-on card are mostly provided Free of cost for spouse, parents, siblings or kids.

Few premium credit cards do allow Add-on credit cards Lounge access and these cards are highly coveted.

The card which do allow complimentary Add-on Access have a shared limit with the Primary. The Best Super Premium credit cards have Unlimited Lounge Access for their Primary as well as Add-On credit cards.

The table lists the credit cards which Allow Lounge Access for Add-On credit cards.

Credit Cards with Complimentary Lounge Access for Add-On cards

Maximum no. of Add On Cards issued

No. of complimentary Accesses






12 per year


3 per quarter






  • I have tried to be accurate to the best of my ability. In case of any errors, let me know and I will update ASAP.

  • This list is for Domestic Airport lounges and will try to be exhaustive about it.

  • This list will forever be a work in progress and I’ll keep updating it. I am updating the popular cards first. But you rather I update particular card first send me the name of the card you want, and I will update it at a higher priority. I will also give the update credit to you.

  • The number of card variants in India is endless. I need your help to keep the list updated as well as to expand it. If you can send me the lounge list for a particular card , I will update the same. I will also give the credit of that update to you for helping CG expand the list.

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