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Credit Card to UPI

Recently, I was bargaining at my local store for crockery and was under the impression that I was winning. When I took out my credit card for payment,

he said, “Sir, yahan bhi loss karaoge kya?” and pointed to his Paytm UPI QR code. I obliged.

Our (readers and us) most preferred mode of payment is a credit card. However, in many places it is not accepted. Especially local merchants will prefer cash or even UPI based payments.

Worry, not this article lists multiple ways in which this conundrum can be solved.


Paytm UPI QR codes are the most prevalent. Paytm UPI QR codes accept payment from Paytm wallets as well.

Paytm has started charging for wallet reloads from credit cards. However, there is a loop hole.

Follow the following steps to add wallet balance from credit cards without incurring charges.

Via Zomato and Uber

1) Install Zomato mobile Application

2) Go to "your account" by clicking on the cupcake at the top right of your screen.

3) Click on the "Payments" tab.

4) Scroll down to the “Wallets” section and link your Paytm wallet.

5) Now, click on the three dots (option) beside it and choose “Recharge Wallet”

6) You can recharge upto Rs 10000 per month. You can do so in any number of smaller transactions.

This method works similarly with “Uber” application too.

Paytm wallet is the most liquid of wallets. It can used for almost anything from paying utility bills to UPI payments. In fact it can also be sent to your own bank account! Could you ask for anything more!

This method is limited to just Rs 10000 per month.

Via Citi Bank credit cards

Citi Bank has a tie up with Paytm by which you can add wallet balance at no charge.

To add paytm balance from your Citi Bank credit card you need to use Citibank netbanking or citi bank app. You need to register your Paytm phone number and you can start adding balance.

The wallet top up limits are as below

  • Rs. 5000 max per transaction.

  • Rs. 10000 max per day.

  • Rs. 1lac max per month.

These are such handsome limits!

The icing on top is that you even get reward points for your wallet reloads!

​Credit Card



1 Rp/ Rs 125


​Citi Premiermiles

​4 Miles/ Rs 100


This makes Citi cards a must for your collection.


The second most prevalent Merchant QR codes is PhonePe and I never knew that it too has a wallet. PhonePe wallets can be used for payments to merchant PhonePe UPI QR codes.

In the Mobile application go to the “My Money” tab.

Hidden in the payments section you will find “PhonePe Wallet”.

And just like Paytm it also accepts free top up of Rs 10000 per month. It will even show the limit of the free top up allowed.

You can use any credit card for top up here. I suggest using a credit card which gives you reward points on wallet transaction like Citi Bank, Yes Bank, Onecard etc.

It even accepts Amex cards. For those of us wanting to get the bonus 1000MR on reaching Rs 20000 spends per month on MRCC should be glad.

I find Amex acceptability quite an issue, and this makes reaching the milestone that much easier when you couple it with Paytm Rs 10000 limit.

Only note, PhonePe’s wallet isn’t as liquid as Paytm’s. You cannot send it back your account. However, utility bills can be paid with it.


This article does not cover Google Pay. If you find a UPI from Google Pay, you will need to pay from your account.

However, with Paytm and PhonePe the odds shall be in your favor.

P.S. : My impression turned out to be false when I found similar crockery in Reliance Mart at much lower prices. However, my wife said that these did not have the same blue dots. Instead, if my wife had said that it was missing green dots, I would have agreed too.

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