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Diners Privilege HDFC Credit card 2022 Review

Updated: May 15, 2022

HDFC has strict criterions for DCB credit card. Diners Privilege Credit card is quite similar as well as easier to get approved for. However, is it worth it to get a 2nd tier DCB with chance to upgrade to the original. Read on to find out more.

If you are new to the Diners platform, be ready to get rejected and embarrassed at most POS machines. You need a strong heart when you are a reward point miner. You will need a backup Visa or Mastercard based card with you in such situations to save you further embarrassment.

Fees and Welcome Offer

Fees are Rs 2500+ taxes= Rs 2950.

Spend ₹ 3L in 12 Months and get Renewal Fee waived.

However, HDFC being HDFC gives this card out as life time free (LTF) many a times or by simply meeting a few conditions. It was offered as LTF for me on showing another card with limit > Rs 5 lacs.

Complimentary Memberships

Complimentary Annual memberships of Amazon Prime, Zomato Pro, MMT BLACK, Times Prime by meeting either of these conditions

  • Welcome offer: By spending 75,000 within the first 90 days or upon first year fee realization on your HDFC Bank Diners Club Privilege Credit Card

  • By achieving annual spend milestone of Rs 5 Lakhs in each anniversary year.

This in itself are worth easily worth Rs 2000.

Lounge Access

You get a total of 12 complimentary access to domestic as well as International lounges. Many times the Diners lounges are different from the crowded Visa/mastercard ones. Also for international lounges, the card itself gives you access. There is no need to carry an additional priority pass.

Monthly Milestone Benefit

On spending > Rs 40,000 in each calendar month you can select any one of

  • Live 1 month subscription

  • BookMyShow, TataCLiQ or Ola cabs vouchers worth Rs. 500

It’s a good mix of vouchers. It gives another 1.25% in value back.

Reward Benefit

  • You get 4 Reward points per Rs 150 spent.

  • 1 Reward Point = Rs 0.5

  • The savings on most purchases except fuel and wallet is 1.33%.

Dining privileges

  • You get 2x points on dining which is just 2.7%.

  • However, you will be better off paying via “Dine out”. Here you can double dip with an additional offer the app provides for HDFC cards.

Smart Buy

  • 5x on smart buy on most categories corresponds to 6.7% which is quite decent including Amazon.

  • For Instant voucher of amazon there is a charge of 3% which gives savings actual savings of 3.7%. I would still buy upto the Rs 5000 monthly limit.

Diners 10X partners

  • For many years Diners had partner brands on which 10X points were given. This was in addition to HDFC Smart buy. This gave the Diner’s cards an edge over the other HDFC credit cards.

  • Now, this offer has not been renewed. Without this, Diners cards are missing their USP.

Best Reward Point Redemption

  • Book flight tickets / hotels across airlines and choice of hotels (Domestic & International) at ( 1 Reward Point = 0.5 Rupee)

  • You can pay upto 70% via points and the rest via the same card. However, they are generous to allow the smartbuy reward point multipliers on the amount you pay with the card.

Savings Calculator

In the savings calculator, I have considered spends of a little less than Rs 50000 per month. If you use smartbuy frequently as well as meet the monthly milestones, the savings are 3.6%. Any number above 2.5% is great for credit card savings. Put in your expected spends to find out if this card is for you.

Better or Similar Cards

This card is directly competing with HDFC Regalia Credit Card. But with no Diners 10X partners as well as acceptance issues, Regalia is the superior cousin in most situations.

SBI Prime, Citi Premier Miles, Axis Flipkart are in the same tier and can be considered too.

If your credit card limit goes higher than Rs 5 Lacs your chances for DCB approval are quite high.




HDFC Diners Privilege is a good credit card with many all-round benefits. However, at this tier most cards are as good. Better explore these also before choosing.

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