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Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Lifetime Free Offer

This is your chance to get Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card as Lifetime free.

This is an opportunity you SHOULD NOT MISS. Normally, this card comes for annual fees of Rs 500 + taxes.

Follow the below steps to get the card as LTF.

  • Install the Flipkart mobile application

  • Sign up or login

  • In the search bar type “credit card” You will see the Advertisement. Check out the screenshot on the right.

  • On opening the advertisement, you will see the the offer as shown below.

  • The below screenshot is from the FAQ section which confirms the LTF offer.

  • You can apply and be directed to the application form. Or will be disappointed with the following image suggesting you other Axis cards. 3 of us have tried and I was the only one who was lucky enough to get this screen shot. However, in my case even though “ the angur may be khatte, I’ll ensure ki woh batte hain!”

I was thinking that we calculate the success rate of this offer. Write in the comments whether you got the card or decided the card was not good anyway!

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