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HDFC Regalia Vs Millennia Credit card comparison

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

HDFC has relaunched its Millennia credit cards from 2nd Oct, 2021. The newer Millennia has addressed most of the complaints with the older version.

So the question comes, is the HDFC Millennia a better option than HDFC Regalia Credit card.

Both cards are quite similar now with two features of Regalia being the deal breaker. Regalia has international airport lounge access and is mostly issued as Lifetime free. However, it comes with hefty income requirements. The advantage of Millennia is that you get 5% cash back on Flipkart too, whereas regalia provides just 1%.

Use the calculators and see which card suits your needs.

The comparison table follows:



HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Millennia Credit Card


Eligibility: Salaried

Monthly Income > Rs 1 lac

Monthly Income > Rs 35000

Self Employed

ITR> Rs 12 lacs

ITR> Rs 6 Lacs


Joining Fees

Rs 2970 (NIL)

Rs 1190

Mostly Given as LTF

Not given as LTF


Fee Waiver

on Spends > Rs 3 lacs

on Spends > Rs 1 lac


Lounge: Domestic

12 per year

8 per year


6 per year



Reward Rate: normal



wallet reloads




Accelerated category

via smartbuy upto 5%

5% on exclusive merchants and smart buy access too

monthly cashback limit

Rs 2000

Rs 750


Reward Point Redemption

1 RP= Rs 0.3 on flight bookings

1 RP = Rs 1 for statement credit


Milestone Benefit

RP worth Rs 1333 on spends > Rs 5 lacs

Rs 1000 vouchers on spends of Rs 1 lac in each quarter year

RP worth 660 on spends > 8 lacs

For me the savings matter the most, so go ahead add in your spends category wise and calculate your savings with each credit card.

Let me know which card works for your spend patterns. Your comments will be like an oasis in this desert of only posts!

For the full review of HDFC Regalia Credit card click here.

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