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HDFC Regalia Vs SBI Prime Credit card Comparison

Updated: May 18, 2022

Would you go with the industry leader HDFC’s Regalia or the most trusted SBI’s Prime credit card?

HDFC Regalia is the better card for most users.

SBI Prime packs a punch too and can knock down Regalia in the ring of Offline payments and Utilities.

The default reward rate of HDFC Regalia is more than twice of SBI Prime credit card.

SBI Prime’s Reward Points can be converted into statement credit. Nothing beats pure and simple cash.

Then again, SBI’s Yono is like a second hand version of HDFC’s Smartbuy.

We all can see that this argument can go on and on. Only numbers can tell the truth.

Just add in your expected spends for both the card in the SAVINGS CALCULATOR and see which card is the perfect fit for you.

If the Calculator doesn't run, click here and run again

If you are still undecided check out the table below.


​Eligibility: salaried

Net Monthly Income> Rs 70,000

Not stated but should be similar

self employed

ITR > Rs 8.4 Lakhs per annum

Not stated but should be similar

Joining/ Renewal fees

Rs. 2970 (NIL)

Rs 3560

Mostly given Lifetime Free

​Never given as Lifetime Free

​Fee Waiver

​annual spends ≥ Rs 3lacs

annual spends ≥ Rs 3lacs

​Lounge: domestic

12 per year

8 per year

Lounge: International

6 per year

4 per year

Reward Rate: default



online spends



​Departmental stores, dining, etc



Birthday Benefit


5% savings for spends upto Rs 10000

Bill Payments

Payzapp "BILLPAY" 5% cashback upto Rs 1500

​Autopay will give 5% savings for bills upto Rs 15000 which also includes insurance premiums

Best Reward point redemption

1 RP= Rs 0.3 for flight bookings

1 RP = Rs 0.25 for statement credit

Milestone benefit

​RPs worth Rs1333 on spends ≥ Rs. 5 lakhs

​Rs 1000 Pizza Hut e-Voucher on spends ≥ of Rs 50000 in a quarter

​RPs worth Rs660 on spends ≥ Rs. 8 lakhs

​Rs 7000 yatra evoucher on spends≥ of Rs 5 Lakhs in a quarter

Discount portal

​Smartbuy gives 5% cash back on flights, vouchers, ecommerce

SBI Yono gives 5% cash back on ecommerce.

​Rs 2000 Cash Back monthly limit

each merchant has an individual limit. Eg Flipkart has Rs 750

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