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Nowadays, all credit card issuers have a dedicated portal. All transactions which are done via these portals will give you discounts, cash backs or accelerated reward points.

Most of the times you will be able to double dip offers. As adding any applicable coupons does not effect the portal offers which are by default applied.

This article compares the different portals against each other.

1. HDFC Smartbuy

This is the most well known among this group. The link with the details is here.

This are the savings which you can avail.

● Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.

● In Insta vouchers, Amazon can also be bought upto Rs 5000 per month.


This has been around for quite a while. But SBI has not done eno-

ugh marketing for it.

The link is here.

SBI yono does not have uniformity across the various

merchants or categories. Basically, you need to login check out the present offers and take a call. I have added few screen shots of the offers.

5% cashback on Flipkart as Gift card upto 750 inr. This is the most fascinating among the offers. The maximum purchase amount is Rs 15000. Additionally, HDFC smartbuy gives only 1% cashback on flipkart making SBI yono the prime candidate for Flipkart purchases.


Its link is here.

American Express’s Reward Multiplier program is not that rewarding. You should go for it only if you are anyway going for the purchase. It is based on multiplying rewards.

I own smart Earn and MRCC which come in the 2X category. Considering 24Karat Amazon voucher redemption the savings including the reward multiplier is just 1.56%. This is such a small number, you would ask yourself, “Why even bother?”. Then you would remember their courteous customer care. How they relate, I have no idea!

The reward multiplier has all the merchants you might require including the standard Flipkart, Amazon etc. It even gives you access to e-vouchers.

The e-vouchers come in handy when I am away from my Rs 20000 monthly requirement on my MRCC. I just go ahead and buy Amazon vouchers to earn the bonus 1000MR.

4. Yes cart

The link is here.

Yes cart is the simplest offer out there. You directly get 10X points on purchases via yes cart. It has all the ecommerce merchants like Amazon, Flipkart etc as well as flight tickets too.

Interestingly, it has an insta vouchers section too. But if you click on it it says bonus reward points not applicable!

The maximum bonus Reward Points that can be earned in a calendar month is 10,000 which is Rs 2500. The cap given is quite high.

In this year Yes credit cards have been devalued heavily. The reward rate has been halved.

Credit card

Regular Rewards

YES CART Savings

Monthly Spend limit

Yes Exclusive

6 RP/ Rs. 200


Rs 33,333

Yes First Preferred

4 RP/ Rs. 200


Rs 50,000

Yes Premia

3 RP/ Rs. 200


Rs 66,666

Yes Prosperity Edge

2 RP/ Rs. 200


Rs 1 lac

Yes Prosperity Rewards

1 RP/ Rs. 200


Rs 2 lac

5. Axis bank 10x Edge Reward Points

The links are here.


You get 10X points for purchases from the above links which also includes Amazon vouchers as well as discounted Zomato pro.

I haven’t personally used this portal so contributions from readers will be valuable.

6. RBL bank offers

RBL bank too has a tie up with Gyftr. See link below.

There are multiple coupons available with discounts but there is no standard offering of extra cash back or reward points.


HDFC SMARTBUY should be your go to option for most deals.

• For Flipkart purchases SBI YONO is best even beating HDFC SMARTBUY by a big margin.

• YES CART and AMEX REWARD MULTIPLIER are should be used if you have opportunity of double dipping.

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