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How to stay at TAJ for free?

Updated: May 29, 2022

This article details how to redeem Taj Hotel vouchers and make both your wife as well as your wallet happy in the process.

Last year for my Amex MRCC, I had got a spend based offer. It required to spend more than ₹ 1.35 Lacs to get a Taj Voucher for ₹ 10,000. An amazing 7.4% value. Being a compulsive CardGyani, I obviously fulfilled the offer.

With this voucher I had a wonderful stay in Taj Chandigarh.

The voucher can be used via Phone booking (Reservation +91 22 6601 1825) as well as by email ( However, this being my first time I decided to book via email so that I would have a record of the conversation. My email conversations are below.


To: Reservations <> Subject: Reservation Using Taj Voucher issued by American Express

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently, I have received a Taj voucher worth 10k from American Express. I want to make booking in Taj Chandigarh during mid-May, 2022.

Please let me know how to book room using this voucher.




They replied that the booking process is same as normal booking. We have to provide them with our credit card details even though we are paying with the voucher at the time of booking. Also discounted rates are not applicable when paying via vouchers.


Dear Mr. CardGyan,

Greetings of the day!

The booking process will remain same as normal currently the reservation will be guaranteed by credit card and at time of billing the guest just need to show the voucher at counter and they will process it.

Please not the the vouchers cannot be redeemed under any discounted prices, just select normal publicly available rates.

Or even we can assist you for the reservation, request you to share the stay details like check in and check out dates along with guest details to assist you further.

Warm Regards,

Taj Reservations Worldwide Team


The room rates were as below

I chose the Superior Room for a total cost of ₹ 9735 which also included breakfast for two.

My room rent itself used up the entire voucher. However, the voucher is

applicable on any food or even spa services that you may use.

24 Karat Gold Collection

For American Express Credit Card users, Taj vouchers are available to redeem Membership Reward (MR) points.

Especially in the 24 Karat Gold Collection, the Taj Voucher gives the highest value for your MR Points.

1 MR = ₹ 0.583

For comparison Amazon vouchers give value of just 1MR= ₹0.375


We had a great staycation at the “Taj” and is worth giving a shot.

Next time when you are redeeming your MR, do give a thought to the Taj vouchers before going for the usual Amazon vouchers!

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