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How to Use Flipkart Super Coins?

If someone needs to call their coins “Super” Coins, you can bet they are anything but Super.

Just kidding, if that was exclusively the case, this article would not be written.

Flipkart super coins are confusing to use and has varied redemption options.

Its competitor Amazon’s “Amazon cash” is so close to cash with simple and ample ways to spend them.

More often than not, Flipkart does have lower prices for the e-commerce purchases and you must have accumulated “Super Coins” (SC).

As a Cardgyani, you want to get the maximum value out of the SC.

The list below shows you the different ways you can redeem the SC and the value offered for each SC in shown.

1) Subscriptions

Youtube premium can be tried for 3 months at 75 SC. The three month membership retails for ₹390 if you buy it directly.

This gives the maximum value @

  • 1 SC= ₹5.2

Zee5 and Sonyliv memberships are also available which give value as per

  • 1 SC= ₹1

2) Gift voucher/card

There are multiple brand Vouchers that can be purchased with partial payments with SC. Note, you cannot purchase a voucher outright with only SC.

The value for each SC in voucher purchases is

  • 1 SC= ₹1

The basic trend is that the poorer the quality of the Voucher, the higher the percentage payment that may be done with SC.

For Dominoes, McDonald vouchers you can pay upto 50% with SC. But these vouchers are difficult and awkward to use. Also these vouchers are sold at a discount on other sites like Amazon (11% instant discount), Gyft (9% discount) etc.

The best bet is to buy the Flipkart voucher itself. This will allow you to buy any product on the site.

Weirdly, different value gift cards allow different percentage amount to be paid via SC.

Percentage wise, the maximum burn of SC is for the ₹250 Flipkart gift card.

Flipkart Voucher


Percentage Payment via SC


25 SC + ₹224



​40 SC + ₹459



​80 SC + ₹919



​115 SC + ₹1384



​160 SC + ₹1839


You may compare it with Flipkart Axis Bank credit card which directly gives you 5% cash back.

The pattern you can see clear is that you can burn through many coins easily at an effectively poor coins value. Or you can get high value but burn fewer coins.

3) Superstore sale at ₹1, 49, 149

The value you get is

  • 1 SC= ₹1

You have three stores and they sell items at ₹1, 49 & 149. The a few tens of available items and they change every few days.

Even though the price may seem low in rupees, you are have to pay the entire value in SC. The issue is that you may not have that many SC saved up.

This is like a lottery system, firstly you need to find the item you are interested in buying and then you need to have enough SC to actually be able to purchase the item.

The advantage in the Superstore is that you can use maximum SC, but you may end up buying something which you may not purchase otherwise.

4) Mobikwik, Jio Mart, MilkBasket, Twind Pay etc

The above are some of the apps where you can directly pay with SC.

  • 1 SC= ₹0.25

Twind pay is an interesting app which allows you to pay with points, but at a much poorer rate.

You can pay bills, pay utilities, mobile recharges etc to use up the SC. But the value provided to the SC is poor.

Ways to earn coins

Spends on Flipkart, Myntra and Cleartrip

· 2 SC per ₹100 spent

· Maximum limit in SC per order is 50 SC. This translates to Rs 2500 order value, over which you will earn no more coins.

The value you get is 2% additional savings. (Considering 1SC=₹1)

Flipkart Plus Membership

· You get this membership on earning 200 SC in the last 365 days. It will be valid for the next year, at the end of which it will be evaluated again for the accumulation of 200 SC.

· To simplify, just 5 orders of value of minimum ₹2000 each will get you this membership.

It is an easy requirement to satisfy for most users.

Myntra is an ideal partner as clothes purchases typically are lower in value than the max SC limit at Rs 2500 order value.

Advantage of Plus Membership

· You get 2 times the SC

· 4 SC for every ₹100 spent with the max cap per order increased to 100 SC.

· You also get free shipping

So effectively you are saving 4% over your purchase price. (Considering 1SC=₹1)

You get a few additional perks with the plus membership

1) Easy diner 3 months complimentary is one which I find useful

2) Cleartip 12% off is useful upto Rs 1500

SC bonus

There are selected products catalogue where in you can earn additional SC at a higher rate. You may browse this list from time to time. It will allow you to hit the 200 SC requirement that much more quickly.

Flipkart Axis bank super elite credit card

This is a new credit card launched by Axis Bank which gives accelerated SC on Flipkart purchases.

· You get 12 SC per Rs 100 spent for plus members.

It translates to 12% in savings.

Axis Flipkart credit card gives 5% cash back plus 4% for SC which totals to 9%.

· Flipkart Axis Super Elite credit card will lose out when considering purchases of order value greater then Rs 2500.


· The coins expire 12 months from the date of earning. This is too quick. Two years would have allowed for greater accumulation of SC and redeeming in the Super Store.

· The date of earning is after the return period of the order completes.

Disadvantage of SC program

· It is difficult to burn large quantity of SC effective while keeping a good value of SC.

· It is not an exhaustive and convenient program like amazon. But the SC program has its mini perks.

· You will need to keep using the SC frequently for small savings to get the best value out of it.


Flipkart super coins and the Flipkart plus program may be inconvenient to use. However, when redeemed for Youtube premium subscription you get a value of Rs 5.2 per SC. Considering, you are a Flipkart plus member, you are saving a net 21% of your order value.

More realistically, if you just go for the Flipkart voucher you, still save 4% additionally on your purchases. We often use Flipkart for our purchases, why let the SC go to waste.

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