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Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Review 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

ICICI Amazon credit card (Amazon Pay ICICI credit card) is the buzz of the town and rightly so. How such a card with all its features is given Lifetime free is difficult to fathom! (WAKEUP SBI)

This is a cobranded credit card with Amazon. To apply for this card you can either apply from the ICICI website or check your amazon account for an offer. I had got an offer of Rs 1000 amazon cash on applying via a link on my amazon account. Hope you find one too.

You can apply from here.

Lounge Access


Reward Rate

  • 5% cashback on the purchases you make through Amazon (for Amazon Prime members.)

  • 3% cashback on the purchases you make through Amazon (for Non-prime members)

  • 2% cashback on all partner sites where amazon pay is accepted such as make my trip, bookmyshow, swiggy, LIC and many others when you pay with this card.

  • 1% cashback on all your other expenses, such as shopping, dining, insurance payments, travel costs and so much more.

Your earnings will be credited to your Amazon Pay account on a monthly basis.

Amazon pay cash is almost as good as cash, you can’t send it to an account but is accepted at almost all billers.

The cash back is uncapped. This is too good for those who spend largely on insurance and utilities. Most cards either don’t give reward points on insurance payments or reduced points on utilities. This is a hidden USP of this card.

ICICI offers

ICICI offers frequent offers on Amazon, flipkart etc. However, many times this card is excluded from the ICICI offers. So don’t count on this card if you want to go for the ICICI card offers or at least check the fine print before you purchase.

Power of Amazon Pay

Amazon pay has become the big daddy after paytm’s recent dwindling offers. With Amazon Pay you can pay your utilities, insurance even LIC etc and get the 2% cash back on it.

Incidentally, I think 5% is a so-so offer too after having Prime Membership for purchases on Amazon. This offer is easily matched my HDFC’s smart buy or SBI’s Yono which each give 5% cash back, only the downfall is that you will need to wait for 3 months rather than 1 month in the case of this card.

Amazon Prime

Should you consider buying Amazon Prime Subscription?

The yearly Prime subscription cost is Rs 999.

With prime subscription you get 3 things.

  • Faster deliveries

Many times with prime you get free one day deliveries which would otherwise take 4-5 days.

  • 5% cash back instead of 3% on Amazon shopping this this card.

There are alternatives if you have access to HDFC smart buy, YesCart or SBI Yono each providing at least 5% and sometimes even higher savings.

  • Amazon Video access

The collection of Amazon Video is quite limited, but no doubt that it does have some quality content. This can be a reason for subscribing temporarily. However, once you have seen the content you can unsubscribe.

Amazonpay ICICI credit card savings calculator

Input your various expenses in the below table and click on calculate to see how much you will be saving with this card. The table will show savings for both Prime as well as Non-Prime members.

If the Calculator doesn't run, click here and run again :)


This is a card which you should go for especially for uncapped utilities, insurance type payments.

This can also be your Primary card, in case you want to consider holding this card for all your payments.


Similar or better card

You can consider SBI simply save as a good companion card to handle your offline payments while this card can be for all your other expenses. This is a strong strategy which will get you the best net reward rate.

Similar cards you can consider are IDFC first select credit card, HSBC platinum credit card or SBI Simply click credit card. But as a standalone, none of these actually beat this card.

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