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IDFC First Savings Account Offer

Ever thought of getting an IDFC First Credit card/account?

Now is a better time than any. That’s because you will be showered with vouchers upto Rs 3000!

The Offer

You need to open an account via this link.

These are the two types of account you may open. The vouchers come with such simple fulfilment conditions!

You get Amazon Vouchers worth Rs 3000 with the Rs 25k savings account variant and Rs 1500 vouchers with the Rs 10k savings account.

This Offer is valid till 28th February 2022 and applicable for digital account opening only.

You need to complete the steps within 30 days of account opening.

VISA Signature Debit Card

This Debit card gives you access to Domestic Airport Lounges.

IDFC First Credit Cards

Post opening of my savings account, IDFC First Select Credit card was approved without any requirement of income documents.

This card is Lifetime free and provides Domestic Airport Lounge Access as well as Railway Lounge Access too.


Amit was the one to find out about this offer (he is the source of much of my cardgyan! Thanks). Further unconfirmed/awaited info is that he was promised an upgrade to the Wealth Savings Account if he maintained Rs 3lacs in his account. That means his First Select Credit card automatically get upgraded to the Wealth credit card.

Let me clarify, that this unconfirmed offer is for new account holders only. For the loyalists, the MAB is Rs 10lacs for upgrade to wealth :-(

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