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IDFC First Spend Based Offer after long time!

IDFC First Bank had come into the credit cards business with highly rewarding credit cards like Select, Wealth. Soon after, they devalued all their credit cards. The last Spend based offer by IDFC First was in Oct, 2022. While the current offer may not be as lucrative, it still provides attractive benefits to cardholders.

Spend Based Offer for July, 2023

The mail sent out is quite clear by itself.

The Offer Variations

The two varieties of offer that I know of are in the below table.

The best case of savings is when you spend the required amount on online spends with IDFC credit cards which gets you 6x RP.

· IDFC Select credit card gives you get 6RP per Rs 125 spent online

· IDFC Wealth credit card gives you get 6RP per Rs 100 spent online

1 RP = Rs 0.25

The reward points can be redeemed for Amazon Gift cards.



Bonus Saving (%)

Total Saving with IDFC First Select considering online spends (%)

Total Saving with IDFC First Wealth considering online spends (%)


Spend Rs 7500 to get bonus 1001 RP





Rs 20,000 to get bonus 1501RP




Is the offer useful?

· The first offer gives 4.5 to 4.8%. A lucrative offer.

· The second offer is slightly less rewarding. All those who got this offer, did not seem to be excited about it. And rightly so.

The Terms and Conditions

· The card companies have gotten smarter against people using “manufactured spending” to avail offers. The following transactions will not be considered for this offer.

o Insurance (MCC 3429, 5960, 6300, 6381)

o Fuel (MCC 5172, 5541, 5542, 5983)

o Cash (MCC 6010, 6011, 7280)

o Wallet Load (MCC 6540)

o Utility (MCC 4800-4999): Sad that this category is also included. My electricity bill this summer is really needing respite.

· The offer is only for customers who have been contacted via mobile, Email.

· You need to enroll for the offer to be eligible for the offer.

· The Offer fulfillment will be within 45 days post campaign end date.

Referral Scheme

IDFC First credit cards offer several above-average features, including perks like railway lounge access and spa access, which are relatively rare and beneficial.

IDFC First credit cards are Life time Free.

If you're interested in applying for an IDFC First credit card, you can use my referral code. By doing so, both of us will receive Rs 500 (equivalent to 2000 RP) when you make a minimum spend of Rs 500 with the new card.

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