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IRCTC EXECUTIVE Railway Lounge, Ahmedabad Review

Railway AC waiting rooms are always crowded and they don’t make a comfortable waiting. Also they don’t provide refreshments.

Now, picture this compared to your memory of the archaic AC waiting rooms.

You get to wait in a “Solo cushioned chair” mind you, with pillows too. You have your phone charging by your side. The tea is provided in a cutlery rather than paper cups.

Welcome to the “IRCTC EXECUTIVE LOUNGE”, Ahmedabad.

The usual rate is Rs 60 per hour of sitting. Well worth it!

But since we claim to have “cardgyan” we sit for free.

The list of credit cards providing complimentary access is below:

And the list is growing by the day.

They have put out clearly what your complimentary card stay entails. One thing they have missed is that the complimentary sitting is only upto 2 hours. Similar to the complimentary Airport Lounge rules.

The dinner was much more sober and

comfortable than the other options available at a railway station.

They also have an ala carte menu with reasonable rates and good hygiene.

The menu and rates are given below.

Timings: Breakfast starts from 6am and the last dinner is served at 11 pm.

If you reach beyond these hours, you will not be served food but only get the complimentary sitting. You may be served Tea/coffee but thats about it.


Presently IRCTC railway lounges are present in Agra, Jaipur, Sealdah, Madurai, Ahmedabad & Delhi.

I was informed by the manager that the next one will be opened in Mumbai.

Railways lounges are the next requirement of the Indian aam aadmi.

Hygienic, uncrowded places are rare at the Indian Railway stations. IRCTC Executive lounges a good place to wait at especially, if you have family and paying Rs 60per person per hour is a good deal.

If the lounge becomes full, they then prioritise entry of credit card holders rather than those who will pay for entry. That is because they make much more from the complimentary credit card access. That gives you one more reason to have a credit card with this facility.

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