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Makemytrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card Review

Makemytrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card provides railway as well as airport lounge access. It has a one-time joining fee thereafter it is lifetime free. The card itself is pretty and looks bold with bright gold lines.

I needed a card for railway lounge access since, I always travel with my wife. IDFC First Select provides me with 1 railway lounge access and I paid for my plus one last time.

I was holding ICICI Platinum credit card which is provided lifetime free but comes with no features whatsoever. I called ICICI customer care. They accepted my request to upgrade to Makemytrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card but I had to pay the joining fees of Rs 590. There after it is Life time free.

Welcome Benefits

  • Rs 500 My Cash on Makemytrip.

The expiry of My Cash is 1.5 years which is ample.

Also I was warned on phone by the executive that it will only be given if my email and phone number of my credit card tally’s with my makemytrip account!

The effective fees is just Rs 90 making this card effectively lifetime free in my book.

  • Gimicky Benefit of Rs 3000 on Makemytrip Holidays

Railway Lounge Access

1 complimentary railway lounge access in a quarter is provided. I have always felt this should be an even number considering the return trip. Very few cards provide this, so I will take what is given.

Airport Lounge Access

1 complimentary domestic access can be availed on spending Rs 5000 is the previous calendar quarter. This is a good and fair strategy by ICICI.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Only provided on HPCL pumps, that too when the card is swiped on a ICICI POS machine. It would have been easier to say none.

Reward Privileges

This is a very poor reward structure. It is very similar to MMT Black membership, which is provided by default to all MMT users. The question is, “will the MMT Black membership My Cash be additional to these rewards?” If any of the users know, kindly comment.


  • Rs 1000 My cash on spending Rs 50000 in a year. That’s 2% savings

  • Rs 1000 My cash on spending Rs 2.5 lacs.

So on spending Rs 2.5 lacs you will get Total Rs 2000 My Cash + rewards as per spends categories. I reckon that you will make savings of around 1.3% on spends of Rs 2.5 lacs. That is a poor number.

But do note, just reaching the first milestone gives you >2.5% savings. If you just barely reach the 1st milestone in a year that will give you the maximum savings. After that you may put the credit card in cool down mode for the year to reset.

Better or Similar Credit cards

This is an entry level card which gives access to both railway and airport* lounges. IDFC First Select credit card is a better as to comes without any joining fees. But ICICI bank has more offers running around. Amazonpay ICICI credit card is a better option, if it is approved.



If the makemytrip spends were more rewarding, the rating could have been higher.

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