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Onecard Rs 1000 give away!

Updated: May 5, 2022

I think my blog exists to let readers know about such elusive and lucrative offers! 😊

Onecard has had more than one tie ups with banks to issue credit cards. Among my knowledge are IDFC first and South Indian Bank. To find out your issuer bank simply see at the bottom left of the back side of your credit card.

They have zoomed in on a new partner in Bank Of Baroda.

So they are asking card members to change to a new card issued by “Bank of Baroda”. “Upgrade” is the word they use, but there are no changes to the features whatsoever.

The Offer

You get 10000 reward points (worth Rs 1000 as 1RP=Rs 0.1) for accepting the switch to the new card. And yes the new card is “Metal” too. If it weren’t I would not have accepted the switch.

Where to find the Offer

Amit got this offer last month, and

I searched everywhere for this offer. But, It wasn’t there.

Now, everytime I open the "OneCard mobile application" a notification is always there for the “upgrade”.

You just need to accept the upgrade and confirm your delivery address.

I think they are giving this offer out in phases so as to not load their credit card printers. I have no idea how these "printers" work (I just write a blog and guess).

I suggest if you don’t find the offer yet, do check after a week and let us know when you get your “upgrade” offered.

Till the new card delivery

The old card will work till the new one gets delivered and any points you may have will get transferred.

The delivery is expected within 10 days. The points are given within a few hours. I have already used up my points.


Do check out the review for the One "Metal” credit card. It is an average life time free credit card with a rather poor reward rate. But it does come up with a few worthwhile offers then and "NOW".

Don’t miss this offer before it gets watered down.

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