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RBL World Safari Credit Card Review

RBL offers primarily entry-level credit cards that are notable for their movie-related benefits. RBL World Safari credit card is a semi premium credit card with its USP as zero mark up on foreign currency transactions.

This is a good benefit and makes it a superior option than forex cards at least for the first year.

How I got the RBL World Safari Credit card?

I used to hold the Zomato Edition RBL credit card which was awesome for the complimentary Zomato Gold membership it provided. This card was closed by RBL and a replacement card called “Shoprite” was given.

You can simply call/email RBL and tell that that you don’t want the RBL Shoprite card but want the world Safari credit card. I was offered World Safari as First Year Free. However, you may insist that FYF is not enough but want it Life time Free. I know of two confirmed people who got it as LTF.

Card Delivery and Unboxing

The card was dispatched and reached within 4 days.

It was delivered in a BIG Box.

The terms and conditions leaflet provided was like a passport which was very innovative.

Also the Priority pass was delivered along with the card. The Priority pass was provided with a validity of one year. On the leaflet it was clearly stated that another Priority pass will be sent next year too if we continue with the card.

Card Design

I really loved the idea of this card providing the view out of an airplane window. Kudos to the package designers for this card.

Joining/Annual Fees: Rs. 3000

· Sadly, no fee waiver criterion is present. Which means if

Welcome Offer

You get a MakemyTrip Voucher worth Rs. 3000 on payment of the Joining fees. Your Card fees are reimbursed this way.

The USP: Zero changes on foreign currency transactions

When conducting international transactions using credit cards, card issuers typically apply a 3-4% mark-up on top of the prevailing currency conversion rates. Due to this additional cost, many individuals opt for pre-paid forex cards.

The RBL World Safari credit card USP is offering a 0% mark-up on foreign transactions, which undoubtedly presents a compelling advantage. However, it's worth noting that these transactions don't accrue any reward points.

Similar cards

Several premium credit cards, such as the Yes First Exclusive, HDFC Infinia, and SBI Elite, etc. offer reduced mark-up fees of 2%. Importantly, they also offer the benefit of earning reward points on these transactions.

So in effect it is not that outstanding of a deal. However, if you think points are not worth your time, RBL World Safari is indeed a better option.

An annual fee waiver criterion would have made sense. Not having one makes it seem like the annual fees you are paying is like them taking the International markup fee in advance. The Annual Fees of Rs 3560 sums up to international spends of Rs 1lac for a regular markup of 3.5% of credit cards. This card only makes sense, if you are spending much more than that. It also means that you have very little reason to hold this card beyond the 1st year.

Airport Lounge Access


Visit Limit



8 per year (2 per quarter limit)


2 per year

Priority Pass

· An interesting perk is that you get additional Lounge Access on Priority Pass on spends of Rs. 50,000/- or more in a calendar quarter.

· The list of lounges domestic lounge access is large covering many tier two cities which is a good plus side.

Reward Points

Sr no





Travel Spends

5 P / Rs 100



Normal Spends

2P / Rs 100



International Spends



· Rs 99+ taxes = Rs 117 charges for each redemption request.


Annual Milestone



Cumulative Savings

Spends> Rs 2.5 Lacs

10K Points

Rs 2500

Rs 2500 (1%)

Spends> Rs 5 Lacs

15K Points

Rs 3750

Rs 6250 (1.25%)

Spends> Rs 7.5 Lacs

Rs 10K Gift card

Rs 10,000

Rs 16250 (2.17%)

The best case when you meet the annual spend threshold of Rs 7.5 Lacs while exclusively spending on Travel you will save = 2.17% + 1.25% = 3.42%

This number is rather poor for the spend level. For comparison

· Even entry level HDFC cards with Smartbuy give 5% cash back.

· Citi Premier Miles credit card gives 4.5% savings for travel spends without any milestones.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

· Valid for fuel transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4000. Maximum waiver of Rs. 250 per month


This card is geared for the constant traveler or you could pick it up before any planned international travel.



This is a handy card which is relatively easy to get. The lowest markup you can get from premium cards is 2% which are not easy to get approved.

Having a criterion for Annual Fee waiver was a necessary feature which was missed.

I have got this card before having planned an international card, hope this becomes an excuse to plan one.

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