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SBI GYFTR Voucher Offer

SBI’s association with GYFTR has been long pending.

Using SBI credit cards you can buy the vouchers with "instant discounts".

The link to the offer is here.

The validity of this link is from 23rd September to 27th September.

But I think, SBI is testing it out and I guess that they are planning to make it a permanent feature.

In the screen shot image, you can see that you get 3% instant discount on amazon vouchers.

The maximum Amazon vouchers that can be bought is Rs 20000.

You will get reward points additionally over the discount. For SBI Prime Reward points worth 0.5% will be given. For SBI Simplyclick 1.25% worth points will be given which takes the total savings total to 4.25%.

Comparison with HDFC’s Smartbuy.


HDFC Smartbuy voucher


23rd-27th September

All year round


3% instant discount

5% cash back after 3 months

Max Amazon voucher

Rs 20000 which gives Rs 600 intant discount

Rs 5000 monthly limit which will get you Rs 250 cashback

I have maxed out this offer as I have a schedule Insurance premium coming up. Also I don't hold an HDFC credit card presently!

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