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Should you Dineout or Zomato Pro in!

The competition is on, and Zomato as well as Dineout are giving deep discounts to foodies and cardgyanies. This article tells you which membership is for you!

Zomato Pro VS Dineout Passport.

Zomato Pro

Dineout Passport

Membership Cost

Quite reasonably priced. The Pro+ is bought additionally over and above Pro.

Rs 300 for 3 months (Rs 300 for pro+)

Rs 750 for 12 months (Rs 900 for pro+)

The single city membership seems more sensible to get.

Rs 2399 (All India 12 months)

Rs 799 (All India 3 months)

Rs 719 ( 1 city 12 months)

How to get it for Free

HDFC credit cards give it complimentary*

HDFC credit cards give it complimentary*

Restaurant coverage

Extremely deep coverage, everything under the sky except the tea I make at home for myself.

Good for high end restaurants.

Fine Dining deals

> Rs 700 / head

25% flat off on paying via zomato app

30% discounts via dineout pay + upto 15% on HDFC cards

Casual dining deals

< Rs 500 / head

15% flat off on paying via zomato app

Upto 10% or not available


10% additional discounts on deliveries (pro)

Free delivery, no surge and distance fee (pro+)

Not available

Which restaurants give discounts where?

If any restaurant gives discounts on one platform, chances that it will be giving discounts on all platforms. The restaurants that don’t give discounts, won’t give it on any platform. is another platform worth checking out for discounts.

Why go with Dineout?

The single city membership is the one to go for most people. Even two visits at Fine dining restaurants will easily get your money back.

The additional discounts with HDFC card is the cherry on the top. The discount depends on the card you hold. For eg on Regalia you get 5% additional discount.

Just one technical point: these percentages of discount don't add directly but stack up.

If you have 30% discount and another 5% with HDFC regalia the final discount is not 35% but, 33.5%

Use my referral code & get 20% off on membership AND 500 credits when you sign up on Dineout!

Why go with Zomato Pro/Pro+?

Zomato has two types of memberships: Pro and Pro+

Pro: If you order at least once weekly, you should definitely get this. With Pro you get additional discounts generally 10% over and above the discounts via the coupon codes.

Pro+: Pro+ has additional features over the Pro version. If you get food delivered frequently (more than twice weekly) and generally have order value of Rs 200 or less, Pro+ membership will be worth for you.

  • Free delivery: For each delivery, you pay Rs 40-50 over the food items. This becomes significant if your order value is less than Rs 200. Pro+ waives off this charge. Quite enticing!

  • Distance fee: Zomato allows you to order from quite far off places, but charges additional distance fee. This is waived off.

  • Surge Fee: Weekend evenings it the time when everyone’s cravings are on! Zomato adds Surge fee (additional charges) for delivery. My experience is that they might waive off the surge charges, but more often than not your food gets delivered late and cold.


Both of these Foodie memberships are targeting different sections and both are great at what they offer.

You could consider holding both memberships. However, if I have to choose one, it will Zomato Pro (not Pro+). As Zomato Pro at least gives some discounts at Fine Dining restaurants, whereas Dineout provides nothing for delivery options.

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