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Would you have “Good Times” at Goa Domestic Airport Lounge?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This article reviews Goa “lounge”, which is a bit different from the regular lounges you have visited. Read on to find out more.

I and my wife had a wonderful vacation in Goa. Our return flight was on Sunday night. The plan was on having dinner at the Goa lounge. I had checked that it was accessible via my SBI Prime and Indusind Legend credit cards.

We reached 45 mins early for the same. But was quite disappointed when, I found no sign board pointing towards a lounge.

On asking an airport employee, she said that Goa Airport does not have a lounge.

My wife quickly retorter, “Your Cardgyan seems to have failed. Website band kar do.”

But I rechecked the SBI website and it did list “Good Times Lounge” in Goa.

LOCATION and Timings

Its location is on 1st floor departure area. You can identify it by the crowd waiting to get it!

It closes up at 11:30 pm and takes the last entry at around 11:00pm.

Lounge or not!

The name is “Good Times Bar”. It is not a lounge in the genuine sense. It’s a BAR with a buffet. With your card you get access to it for just ½ an hour. That was new to me. Interestingly, they did not ask for the boarding pass and directly provided access with just the card. Most cards are providing access here.

Without complimentary access, you can pay Rs 1000 per head for the buffet.

The inside

It is small, cozy and clean. The two photos below cover the entirety of it. In fact there is no bathroom inside.

Surprisingly, it was not crowded inside. Even though, the airport was quite full. Probably, because of the ½ hour rule.

The Food

The menu was large. The food was fresh, hot, tasty and inviting. I even took a second serving of the cold sandwiches.

I think it was the best meal I have had in a lounge especially the butter chicken was perfect. My wife could not stop with the papdi chat. It was the perfect end to our Goa vacation! It was the perfect time to retort back about the usefulness of cardgyan, but I was too busy with the chicken.

We were in for 35 mins, I don’t think anyone is actually counting. The rule is to encourage people to move out sooner making the place less crowded. The rule is effective. Crowded lounges are just like the airport, then why should one even bother going to one.

A better Review already has a review for “Good Times BAR”. No matter how independently, I try to find topics to write about. It is always already been written about! And mostly better by Siddhart! 😊 Do check it out.


You would have a great time at “Good Times Bar”.


It has all the positives: good location, great food, clean and quite atmosphere. Also my wife agreed that my cardgyan hobby is useful. I am kidding, she proofreads most of my articles and is the one who made the “Savings Calculator”.

The ½ point is less due to no Bathroom facilities. Frankly, Rs 1000 is worth paying for the food here.

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