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Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

How about a life time free Zomato Pro membership? And an additional 5% on your Zomato meals?

Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card gets you all this and more.

Application Process

It is an invite only card. To check if you have an invite, go to the “Money” section of the zomato app, as shown in the image.

I didn’t have an invite so I went to the “Help chat” in my Zomato application and requested for the card. After 2 days, I could see the invite for Zomato edition card in the ‘Money’ section. And I applied for it promptly.


Joining and Annual Fees: ₹ 500 NIL

This has been true since the last 6 months. It seems like an indefinite offer.

Zomato Pro

I have paid for Zomato Pro/Pro+ membership multiple times and it has always been worth it. Zomato Classic card gives the Pro membership for free.

Unlimited Cash Back

You get cash back in your edition wallet (check in ‘Money’ section in Zomato app) after you spend as per the below categories. This money you have to redeem to Zomato credits (why the extra step though!) to pay for your Zomato meals.

Spends Category

Cash Back

Dining including in restaurant's POS


Online and Apps





1% (*surcharge 1.2% is added)

Birthday Spends


Birthday Benefit

· This is the USP for this card. Hope this offer stays until my birthday.

App Interfaces

Zomato credit card is issued by RBL bank , hence we

need to use two mobile applications:

· Zomato: gives info about transactions, cash back tracking, cash back redemption.

· RBL MyCard: use for bill statement and payment, emi conversion etc.

Zomato Mobile application gives quick updates on your card transactions. The transactions are clearly shown category wise and the cash back applicable is also shown (see image). The transparency in the reward programme makes it a pleasant experience.

Milestone Benefit

Spend more than ₹2 lacs in a year to get bonus ₹2000 cash back.

Savings Calculator

You know the drill. Calculator is at the top of the page.

Only thing to note is that you can’t spend more than your credit card Limit on your Birthday! :)

You could get effectively 5% savings which is like a dream.

Zomato Edition Black Credit Card

This is a higher tier card than Zomato classic with 10% cash back on dining as well as Zomato Pro+ membership as complimentary. However, it comes at a Fee of ₹2000+tax.




Yes, do take this card.

This cannot be your primary card. There is no complimentary lounge access or even discounts for your ecommerce purchases. But perfectly fits the role of your secondary card.

The only downside is the reward points can only be redeemed via Zomato.

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