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Zomato Pro/Pro+ Membership updated to Zomato Gold

Zomato Pro/Pro+ services will be discontinued from 24th Feb, 2023. A new

membership plan has been introduced called Zomato Gold. The name is same as the original of Zomato’s membership program which was famous for 1+1 offers on food and drinks. The present Zomato Gold membership comes with multiple benefits but 1+1 offer is not one of them.


The introductory price is ₹149 for three months.

This is quite a reasonable price.

Benefits of the membership

The list of benefits is to my right

· The Free Delivery Benefit itself will be worth the price if you order more than once a month.

· No Delay Guarantee: This is a welcome relief. During rush hours, the food is delivered late frequently. At such days; I’ll either order earlier or not order at all. With a free sau ka patta on the line, many will be ready to risk it.

· I primarily get the Zomato membership for its Dining benefits. In most restaurants, you get around 20% off the bill when you pay via Zomato Pay (via the mobile app). Also additional credit card offers can be applied to double dip on saving. Even a single restaurant trip will save you many multiples of the fees you have paid.

· Zomato Legends: I am yet use this service.

Devaluation Update for Zomato Classic Edition credit card Holders

Zomato Edition Classic credit card was too good a credit card when it launched. With twin benefits of complimentary Zomato Pro membership as well as 5% cashback on your Birthday spends. The Birthday Benefit was discontinued in 2021 itself. That too before my Birthday arrived!

After the present update of discontinuing the Zomato Pro Membership, there is nothing notable remaining in this credit card. Granted you are being given a complimentary Zomato Gold Membership valid for 3 months which is worth ₹149.

After these two updates, the only benefit of this credit card is 5% cashback on Zomato spends.

This benefit is presently easily matched by my AU bank Zenith credit card which gives 5% on all restaurant spends. Axis Neo credit card is my goto credit card for Zomato orders which gives 40% discount upto Rs 120 twice a month.

Try as I might, I can’t think of time when I will be using this card.


I don’t remember the last time I did not own a Zomato membership.

There are multiple reasons to not buy the membership and I have tried to list them

· You use some other app like Swiggy, Dineout etc

· You already get it as complimentary.

· You eat out/order less than once in two months.

So my point being, it’s a great membership which gives returns many times over.

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